Mindfulness – Watercolour and Ink

I created this intuitive painting last week. I have always liked to paint faces, although in my only exhibition ever the theme was figurative pastels (see the video posted at the begining of the blog). Those paintings were produced a few years ago, when I used to practise Yoga (I had more free time then!). I enjoyed every single practise of Yoga, feeling totally energised and at the same time very soothing at all levels, with a feeling of ‘floating on air’ … Yoga helped me to understand the importance of the unison of  mind, body and spirit, to achieve inner peace and welbeing.., and since ‘our body is our temple’ the figures expressed in my colourful pastels, begun to reflect just that; a balance, a unison, a moment of reflexion, harmony, reaching for the sky, opening to the universe, thinking towards awakening our consiousness…

This year, 2012, has brought a new energy and I feel it has lifted my vibration and for some reason ‘faces’ in watercolour and semi monocrone are the desired choice of my pencil… :-)…:-)  (but I still enjoy painting figures in pastels!)

I named the painting bellow ‘Mindfulness’..  Please, take your time to look at it and let yourself feel the stillness, the focus and the serenity of its expression.. Allow yourself to be taken wherever you might need to go.. Practise mindfulness while looking at this painting… Breath a few times slowly and deeply, letting go, keep looking at the painting, and be very present, go within… and… just be… Enjoy the exercise and thank you again for reading these words…

Sorry about the mark on her chick,  is a reflection on the glass. I never noticed it when taking the picture, so sorry!.  Thanks again..

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