Thank you viewers..

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to those 12 viewers who looked at my, still ‘taking off the ground’, blog.. I was shockingly surprised to see the number of people who read my words, as I was not expecting any at all.. So, once again, thanks.. You have gave me motivation and have uplifted my energy to continue walking in this direction..

Last night I was watching ‘The Celestine Prophecy’, I don’t know if any of you have seen it. I read the book (by James Redfield) many many years ago and I was mesmerised with its content, as it made so much sense to me, to my soul. I realised there and then that my ‘self-development’ journey has just begun as synchronicities and conincidences were taking place ever so often.. As soon as the film came available I purchased it and kept it in a drawer. Well, how many years ago was that? So many I can hardly remember.. and meanwhile, my life has been passing at incrediable speed (between moving houses a few times, going through major building works in the new places, working full time in an office, and… having a baby.. uuuuaaaauu!… I had and still am enjoying motherhood every second of the day for the last 3 years. Since Saul came to this world life has taken another dimension.. and now I have more reasons to expand my consciousness and keep ‘connected to the source’ (as I call it), yes, ‘connected to the source’, don’t you find these two words very profound and powerful??, I certainly do, and because of it I’ve kept searching, reading and always towards the self-developmente and self-dicovery path, allowing the child within me to come to the surface as often as possible… All the inner child wants to do is playing most all the time, just like all the children.. Certainly, my inner child has contributed in convincing me to begin writing to you and enjoy playing with this tool… So, following the first line of my second paragraph, last night out of the blue, searching for colour pencils in one of the boxes (still unpacked from the previous home!), I found the DVD of ‘The Celestine Prophecy’, what a wonderful surprise.. Yes, of course, had to watch it.. Such a profound film.. I had tears running down my cheeks and joy at the same time… I listen careful to the nine insights that a long time ago touched my soul and sent me in my journey of awakening and ‘connecting to the source’… :-).. The watercolour and ink below is one of my recent intuitive paintings.. I hope you like it..

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