An opened door

Oh! dear me, another late night..

Like most of mothers and artists out there, we know that when the household is sleeping, that is the only real free time for ourselves, so here I am, writing to you after having been painting and drawing for a while.. Mmmmm..

Painting, drawing, staring at the paper awaiting to be guided from the energy within, the pure energy that we all are.. Most of the time when I paint is just like playing with my favourites toys… Ooooh! this brings memories of my childhood, at bed time when I ussed to be looking at cartoons and trying to draw some of the characters before turning the lights off… Oh!, I really used to love those playful and presious ‘momentos’.. This brings into mind an inspirational quote from someone called: Abraham Maslow-Almost all creativity involves purposeful play“.  If only someone would have told me these words back then…. Suddenly a negative thought comes to mind: am I too late persuing what I always wanted to do: painting and painting and making it work??….aaaah!I have to sigh, and breath very deeply, stop this negative thought…  (In those days, even being one of the best pupils in the subject, drawing and painting was not something you would make a carrear of it….I have to sigh again!!).. The reallity is that we all are where we are, there is no point in going  back to the past, is the present that counts, THE NOW…. We create our reality, therefore I am here now, as I am, beginning my painting journey and believing that doors will open, and the fact that many of you are reading my words, that is already an door opened .. :-)..:-).. So, thank you all.. sweet dreams!!

(P.S. A cousin of mine asked me to sketch an opened door for her. The above image is what I painted using one piece of paper with her writing notes… While finishing the sketch, I was overwhelmed with feelings of a better future, hope, unlimited possibilities, kindness, unconditional love, timeless souls, infinite minds, expanded awareness..)

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