Always be happy

Next Wednesday I will be going on holidays for almost four weeks…. juuuuupiiiiiii…. I will not have access to a computer so I will not be able to write to you, but I hope that I will have the intuition and the time to produce at least one painting to share with you all in my return…

My holidays in Spain are usually very hectic, because I am always sorrounding by all the family, and this is not the way I envisage ‘holidays’… :-)… However, this year is very special because my mother will be 85 years old in August, and she just cannot wait to see my son, Saul, and spend all the time with us; bless her, she is just such a loving and giving mother. Her energy levels are so high that being around her all day can be very tiring…(I hope my aura does no get compressed too much…aggrrrrrhhhhhh!!!)… 🙂 🙂 

However, it is a great opportunity to practise giving myself permission to be happy at all times, whatever the circumstances..

About a month of so I created this painting which I called  ‘Remember‘. I still feel enchanted by the piercing eyes  and the intense expression of her look.. Looking at her face is like a constant reminder of one of the most important, and probably most difficult, things to achieve in this life:  BEING HAPPY.  Most of us were wrongly thought that life was a constant struggle, full of suffering and not much laughter.. So we grew up accepting this wrong believe, and in turn creating a reality which matched exacly thouse thoughts and believes. Thankfully, some of us learnt very quickly that, on the contrary, we are here in this plane to be happy and joyful, that life is very beautiful and is there waiting to be lived. We must thrive for happyness however difficult…

Making art is a great way to lift your energy, and to work through other issues that may be stopping you from experiencing the joy of ‘being happy’. We must remember who we are, knowing that we are all love and light and that we must strive for happyness, but remember that happyness begin within oneself

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