Just by definition Reassurance means restoring someone’s confidence…mmmmm…. Isn’t this just what we all need to have every now and then? Specially for those (like me) who are just starting to make it out there, in the art world…

I find very inspirational to follow the wonderful work of so many artists in the net… It’s also incredibly motivational to read some of their stories.. One can identify with all of them in so many aspects. I know, they all have contributed with my strength to be here now, writing about my thoughts and my journey.. In one of my previous posts I already mentioned to you about Kelly Rae Roberts, who, many of you probably know quite well, but I would also like to mention to you a couple of two more artists who have also touched my soul: Tamara Laporte and Wyanne; I am sure most of you are also familiar with them because they have been sharing their work for many years now, but for me it has been a total discovery in the last year or so..

Reassurance… mmmmmm… A resonance word with authority, don’t you think?.. and if you listen carefully to its tone when this word is being pronounced, it sounds very deep, quite firm, and solid… It makes me reflect on the degree of needing  to be assured of something,  and how often and why we need to be reasured so much in our lifes in general, work, relationships..etc., you name it…  

Maybe we should look more inside ourselves and realise that we are valuable and wonderful beings from the very moment we were born, so we won’t depend so much on having to be reassured… We should all have the total convinction of the fact that we are worth it..

The painting/drawing here was my way of materialising the word ‘Reassurance’.  I find her expression very settled, intensive, but at the same time extremely soothing … Can you hear her whispering to you?

This painting reassures me of the certainty that there is room for everybody out there, that my art, and your art, can still reach peoples hearts, that I just need to be patient…, my success is floating in the Universe waiting for the right vibrational wave

Thank you all for reading…

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