A blank page

The title says it all.. and that is exatcly how I feel… ‘a blank page’ a every sense of the sentence…

Yesterday, I came back from holidays and instead of feeling fresh and rested I am feel totally exhusted. Last night Saul, my baby, fall sleep at 7pm, after having been 10 and 11.30pm the earliest he would surrender every night, while being in Spain… I think Saul knew he could now rest from all the exictment and ‘marchita’ he had during the holidays, he was not missing much now, and his audience was reduced to ‘mama’ and ‘papa’, so he could surrender peacefully…jejejejeje..

When you think that I was looking forward to have some time to paint and get inspired with my sorroundings… Instead, I was ‘in blank’ most of the time, as my energy was absorved by all the members of the family who were constantly visiting us… Bless them, they are all so loving and caring… Yes, I know that this is the type of holidays I choose to have once a year, but after being  27 years away from the tradition (yes, I am working and living in London since 1985), some years I find this family gathering very intense…. The important think is that it was all worth it, and my mother enjoyed enormously and had a wonderful 85 birthday….  juuupiiiiiii!!!!!

You must forgive me but as much as I wish to talk to you and share some inspirational thoughts with you, I just haven’t got the energy and the words…

I have also worked today and it has been a very long day.

Once again, thank you very much to all of you for reading. I will talk to you soon.


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