Yes my readers, I keep on writing because I am greatful to you all for continuing reading these words that perhaps don’t make any sence most of the time, specially lately… Words that come from within rolling one after another, like the waves on the sea…

Vanishing… mmmm…. nice word… To pass out of sight, disappear, become invisible…  Ohh! how many times have we all felt this way?  When things go wrong, when happiness plays ‘hide and seek’, when the love you once had begins to fade.. 

Life keeps presenting me with all these occasions to put in practise the learning gained on my personal development’s journey and, I must admit that, specially since Saul was borned, I have done just that… Certainly, I have been focusing a lot in my breathing, putting a lot of attention in creating a sacred space within, which brings an incrediable calm and soothing effect in my entired being… 

A few years ago I painted this acrylic on canvas (called ‘Female Vanishing’) for the only exhibition I have ever had, and because I am incapable of selling my work, I still have this original somewhere at home…

I believe there is room for everyone, so I must be lacking on something to get out there and sell my work… Well, lets don’t forget that this is the reason that got me started on blogging… 🙂 … 🙂

Sharing my thoughts, fellings and, of course, sharing my art with you, has alreay been worth it… Enjoy the painting… Any thoughts, please feel free to comment…

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