It has been a little while since I have written to you… Time flies, don’t we know?…  Everything goes so fast…, Hhhmmm… Our minds are constantly buzzing with millions of thoughts… All thoughts want to be heard, and each one of them competes for importance…. Arrrgggghhhhh!… We all know we cannot stop thinking…  The reality is that most of our thoughts are not only repetitive and useless, but because of its often negative nature, much of it is also harmful…  If you observe your thoughts you will realise this is true…

The left side of the brain never gives up and keeps nagging our right side for attention… Although, both halves are connected and involved in the thinking process, the left side is believed to be critical and analytical.., It has always something to say and louder… It also believes is the most important of the team…

As often as I can, I try to be attentive to these mental quarrels and I consciously make the shift to my right side of the brain (the creative and intuitive half !!).  By practising shifting the awareness to the right side, I do not intent to neglect the left side, in the contrary, I recognize its noise, but I ignore it, as this is the best way to keep it quiet…  Nevertheless, sometimes is hard to be so attentive, and I come back to what I have always known best: getting involved in a mental dialogue with my ‘thinking’….arrrggghhhhh!….  But, but, but… wait.., wait…, this time with a difference…  I took a deeply breathe, and consciously stopped the mental dialogue… I observed and acknowledged my thoughts … Then, very calmly, I took my drawing pad, my pencil and some watercolour crayons and very simply said to my left brain: here you are, now, instead of wasting so much energy nagging my head so persistently with staff I do not want to hear, you are going to focus in directing my hand in whatever way the right side brain tells you to go, so we can produce some art here… This will definitely keep you quite… Let’s paint!
And.., guess what? Another one of those magical moments I have mentioned to you before, it happened again… Time lapsed, and I was there, in the zone… I just kept drawing until early hours into the morning, as usual!!…

For me is not only another confirmation of what both halves of the brain can achieve when working together in unison and harmony.., but also, the profound feeling of knowing that I must continue believing in myself (however difficult!)… Trying games like this is fun, please try it yourself, you will be surprised of the results…  We must continue believing in our dreams and enjoying the journey…

My inner thoughts and artistic journey are now being shared with you out there, who are kindly taking your precious time to read my words, and therefore I really hope that between these words each one of you finds at least a bit of inspiration, motivation, courage, tenacity, perseverance.. etc., etc… There are many of us having similar thoughts, concerns, dreams and desires to make it in the artistic world, hence we can all motivate and inspire each other. Isn’t great? 
Let’s remember that the present is here, and the now is very powerful…
Sweet dreams..zzzzzzzzzzz….
(I wrote the above last night but couldn’t post it, so while at my lunch break I am posting it now).. Thanks again for reading…x

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