Like for many of you, life can be very hectic sometimes and even our memories play trick on us… I cannot believe I totally forgot to share with you a true story that really touched my soul and made me to reflect on the unfairness of life… Yes, we all wonder every now and then, why some people have such a hard lives and others so easy?!!!!

I read this article in one of those in flight’s magazines; it was titled ‘The last Nomads’, and it was about the annual journey the Morocco’s Berber tribes make to graze their livestock in the Atlas Mountains.. A vanishing way of life in one of the world’s most majestic scenery..
A part from the hard and extraordinary way of living of the nomads (I remember feeling sensitive when being thought at the school), what it really touched my heart was to see the photo of this woman, Aisha, a forty-six year old Berber (yes, forty-six, will you believe it?), who together with her family, her oldest son Mohamed (32) and Said (15) are on a journey they make twice a year to ensure that their animals (usually goats, sheep and camels) get the best land for grazing.. In an average days’ work, Aisha will spent 12 hours trekking across some of Africa’s most daunting terrain… Uuuuuuffffff!… (did I mentioned to you I had a hard day in the office today???)… My goodness me!  Life is really hard for some human beings… How many things do we take for granted now days???? 

As I kept reading, I felt as my soul was linking with Aisha’s and all of a sudden tears begun running down my chicks, I couldn’t understand what was happening, I just kept crying… until a huge peaceful sensation washed my entire body, the tears stopped, and an overwhelming calm invaded my whole being… It was beautiful.., absolutely beautiful feeling… My eyes intuitively closed and visualized a beam of love and light surrounding Aisha… (my eyes still fill with tears just writing about that moment… I cannot tell you how small I felt… humbleness and gratitude have always been part of my life, but every day now I become more conscious of it…)…

After reading the article, all I wanted was to sketch/draw Aisha (inevitably, my interpretation of her is a much younger Aisha) and since I couldn’t finish the little painting (5.5 x 8 inches approx.) while on the plane, I tore off a couple of pages to show you these images..

The article said that Berber nomads like Aisha have been making this migration for some 4,000 years, but Aisha will be the last of her family, and possibly one of the last of her tribe, to do so. (My heart keeps a very special place for Aisha…UUUUHhhhhmmm…if only she would know that someone in the globe is thinking of her right now and has a little painting of her that will be treasured for ever and ever…)..

Once again thank you all for reading my thoughts, I really appreciate it… This journey in intuitive painting and awakening consciousness would have never had begun without you, and cannot possible continue without you either, so stay tune… and, let’s don’t forget:

To keep painting… J J


  1. This was a lovely bblog post

    1. Thanks Aisha. Really appreciated 🙏🏼

    2. Thanks Aisha.
      Really appreciated 🙏🏼

    3. I am glad you liked Kelly.
      Thanks 🙏🏼

    4. Thanks Kelly.
      I am glad you liked it 😁

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