The past should be left behind, where it belongs

We all step into the past every now and then… Something we see, a noise we hear, someone who reminded us of someone else we met before, a song we used to listen to, the toy our child is playing with, the colours of the rainbow…, and our minds get totally engaged in past events and memories.., which is find as long as our perception is positive, but, are we really referring to the past with optimism and joy, without judging our actions, adventures and misadventures?, That is the question…
An aunt of mine has recently passed away, and joyful memories (we used to laugh a lot together!) are flooding my mind gently, bringing me into those moments of the past, we both shared… As I revive those blissful memories, something tells me to embrace life in the present moment and welcome death as eternal life, as I have no doubt that we are infinite beings of light and can never dye…
We should only bring our attention into the past either to create a better present, or to revive events that, not only bring us joy and happiness, but also heal our present life… When we look at the past with doubts, sadness or regrets (we used to be so happy!.., I really enjoyed that job!.., if only I could do that again!.., I was so fit then!..,), we bring negativity into our minds and our energy field, and ultimately into our bodies.. The medical world has reported many times that people’s attitude to past events, present experiences or future expectations, influences their perception of health and their quality of life.
A quote from Henry David Thoreau (a complex man of many talents. I like his hair!) comes to mind: He is blessed over all mortals who loses no moment of the passing life in remembering the past”… Mmmmmmmm….. Wouldn’t you agree?
My own conclusion is that the past should be left behind, where it belongs… and this is what I have tried to represent in this painting (watercolour pencils on 200lb Not Paper, 10x8inch)…  
I hope you like it…
Thank you very much for reading my thoughts, however shallow they might be for some…. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

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