Yes, I need to remember to breath… For the last two mornings my son, Saul, has been getting upset going to the nursery, but only on arrival, as soon as he is welcomed by his key teacher…
Yesterday was the worst… It was meant to happen for me to have the opportunity to observe and witness the method the teacher used to calm my son down (this was by saying a loud and forcesful ‘stop crying Saul’ while placing her hand with opened finguers in front of Saul’s face)… Well, I was so shocked, I came back inside the room and nicely explained to this teacher that although I was understanding that she was acting following the way in which she was trained, but  I did not believe this was the right way go about it, and certainly not effective for my son, who, was increasing his crying and getting very distressed… (she could see that her approach was not effective, but did not change it!).. I explained to her that Saul was a very gently and loving child, who listen to you a lot and in a moment of distress all Saul needs is to be talked through and explained the reasons as why getting upset is harmfull and distresfull, and just being there with love and undertanding, and allowing him to cry to release all that negative energy that is generated when being upset . I know that with distraction,  play, and a real understanding of his needs, Saul calms himself  without too much of distress… I left the nursery this morning with tears running down my chiks.., its heart breaking to leave your only child so distressed (your only child that has been so much wanted and desired)… All mothers out there know exactly how hard it is…uuuuffffff!… Yes, lets breathhhhhhhhhh…. and again…. A long and deep inhale and a long exhale….Uuummmm… Much better now…
In my way to the office I was coming to the conclusion that the vibrations between Saul and his key teacher where not tuned with each other… I believe we are like a receiving mechanism that when we set our tuner to the station, we’re going to hear what’s playing.. (lets apply this to our daily interaction with people and the universe)…mmmmm… It really makes you wonder, isn’t it?
I believe we are vibrational beings designed to be healthy, happy and live in harmony with nature and our human fellows…

 No one can deny you or grant you anything. It all comes to you by virtue of your vibration.” – Esther Hicks

Since my boy was worn, it came natural for me to tell him that he was all love and light.. 3 years later, every now and then he calls me to say (on his own lenguage, between english and spanish he has created his own…), something like:  Mum, Yio am amour e lu.. (In those moments I just have to squeeze him with kisses and hugs)… He is so funny.. and total magic…Mmmmmm….(I get emotional!!!)
Thank you all for reading…
(To be continued…)

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