I am so happy to say that Saul, my son, has not cried any more going to the nursery… Ooohhh! such an amazing and joyful emotion when you leave your child in the nursery feeling happy and content while he says: ‘bye mummy’…mmmmmmm…
After a few conversations with Saul’s key teacher, she thanked me for my imput regarding Saul’s needs and took on board all I had to say.. She was very kind and we both agreed that perhaps the fact that she still does not know Saul well enough and the coincidence of her not feeling too well (catching a cold,  and feeling a bit rundown) influenced her animic state and therefore her outward energy was not being very positive, which only children can perceive and abosorve so fast, and in turn children show in  their behaviour and mood… Most likely this caused some rejection in Saul, who is such a happy soul, but requires a bit of attention in moments of transition, ie. when saying bye to mummy in the morning at nursery…. (Ohh!…….a big sigh!!!)  
Since last week I have been praising her key teacher in front of Saul and saying how lovely she is and how much she loves him…. I can see that this approach has helped Saul to tune much more with her energy and this morning I could just see that both were vibrating in the same frequency… Ohhhh! such a releave.. I left the nursery in a total state of bliss…  (This is how happy Saul arrived to the nursery every day)…

Many philosophers, spiritual thinkers and even scientists these days, have confirmed that everything that exists within the universe vibrates; this is because everything within the universe consists of matter and energy… I fully believe this is true, and therefore I also believe that we are all matter and energy.  The aura, that we all are familiarised with, is just energy sorrouding our physical bodies, and is mainly determined by our thoughts and emotions…  I am determined to teach Saul the importance of having control over our thoughts and emotions, as this will allow him to release waves and frequencies required to make his dreams a reality…, and to be in total connection with his ‘Self’..
Yes, I believe everything comes in response to the vibration of energy… I could go on and on, but I do not want to bore you… 
What about some painting?…   Because so much going on in my life lately, -i.e. nursery, work, and home (and my cat which has been sneezing so much, poor thing!)… I have a few pieces of work totally unfinished, but, thinking of Saul, an intuitive image of a girl with a owl came to mind, so I wanted to paint it for him.. Here is a couple of images of  ‘work-in-progress’, streight from my sketch book… It is far from finish.. I hope I can post it to you soon…  Enjoy and get inspired… Yeeeeesssss!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for reading…
Lots of Love and Joy going your way….x

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