Asking for inspiration

I love the colours of autumn and find them very inspirational, very enchanting, very energizing, very soothing and very pleasing to the eye.. I love gathering leaves in my way to the nursery, and wanted so much to paint something while looking at their beautiful shapes and the mixture of their orange, green and yellow colours…

“When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are in fact being moved by the divine feminine.”

 – Teri Degler –

Last Friday, following the above quote (as you have probably noticed, I love inspirational quotes!), I begun to write a few lines asking my creative spirit for inspiration, and I came out with the following words (I hope you can read it, as I was not thinking on posting it at the time of writing..)
I then concentrated in the page and waited to see if I could beging to sketch something.. (a face of course, what else!!..hahaha..), and this is the result:

I could feel the flow so I just kept going..
Yes, I think I was being moved by the creative spirit..

Many of you like myself enjoy watching videos on the progress of a painting, from the sketch to the final result. Unfortunately, I have no means to do that at the moment, but I have recorded a little video on my iphone to show you the nearly finished result of this little project; here it is.. (I hope it works!)

Please forgive me for not having finished this painting, but I have not been able lately of staying up late..

I really hope some of you will get inspired by this post and thank you all very much for reading….x

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