Follow-up ‘Asking for Inspiration’ Post

Dear readers and bloggers, I apologise for taking so long in writing to you all but, as usual, life has been too hectic with no time at all for anything..
My dearest son, who is my life and my everything demands every second of my little free time… Such a magical being!!! mmmmmmmm  (He is growing so fast, too fast for my liking!)
Saul feeling very tired..!


At last I have finished the ‘Asking for inspiration’ little painting, from which I hope to create a larger piece at a later date.

A closed up photograph
A little video of the final work (sorry if the quality in not great!)
Because it has been so long since I have shared any work with you, I am making this post very brief so you have something to look at and hopefully to keep you motivated with your art..

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas time and wish you a 2013 full of energy with peace in our minds and loving hearts..

“Love is the path I chose to walk with gratitude”


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