Yes, almost every day I look at the sky and feel so grateful to everything that surrounds me. For me is a great feeling that links me directly to the source, the divine source within ourselves.., a wonderful peace and a soothing calm invades my entire being…
[Gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation = A feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive..]
Every year in the organization where I work a Christmas Fare takes place where a few crafters and like can exhibit/sell their products… When December comes, some of my colleagues always insist and encourage me to exhibit my work, so it was this year that I found the courage (as I am very shy and helpless when it comes to selling) to do that…
I had ten little pocket mirrors (an ‘online’ company manufactured them for me) with an image of one of my paintings that I sold a few months ago (see picture below)… It was my first time exhibiting and I was a bit apprehensive; so the fact that I sold all the mirrors it really shocked me and the feeling of gratitude invaded me to this date… I am/was so grateful to the people who bought them; I couldn’t thank them enough…
The original painting

The actual pocket mirror

I find very difficult to sale my work because I am helpless in advertising and letting people know about what I do, I just have my little shop in Etsy, but I don’t really know how to make it effective, so every time I sell something out of the blue I get so excited, mainly for the fact that someone has liked my paintings so much to actually buying them.. Mmmmm! I feel so grateful…

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

Despite the lack of comments, I am very grateful to all of you who keep reading this blog. Very seldom I look at the statistics, but I just had a look and was happily surprised to see that 780 pages have been viewed. So, once again thank you very much and I hope you keep being inspired. Please feel free to share your thoughts.
Lots of love.

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