A Kiss for you

Dear readers, just a quick post to share with you ‘a kiss’, my kiss.. A little painting I meant to have posted on Valentine’s day for all of you out there who are/have been/will be ‘in-love’, but since this year this date had no importance in my life, I was feeling deeply sad and reflective the whole day and through out the week end. Nevertheless, I do remember very well celebrating this day very happily for many years, so while focusing in those wonderful times I felt inspired enough to paint this drawing to share with the e-world and the Universe. 

I hope you like it..  Being in love is the most wonderful feeling and powerful energy I have ever experienced and I hope to feel it again one day.. In the meantime I am in love with life, with the universe and with my enchanting and magical son.  
(A kiss-watercolour on paper. A5 size)

I also found this poem (lately poems are coming to me, I do not know why, because I was never really into poems!) which I felt very appropriate for the occasion and for my painting.

A Kiss

My lips to yours’ wakes my soul,
My lips to yours’ tell a secret that only my heart knows.
Such grace as our eyes close
And share a breath…
Words lose meaning and mean even less.
Lost in rapture of a perfect dance,
when two lovers leap and take a chance.
A first kiss not outdone by the second-
a third kiss and surely the fourth one beckons!
No day shall ever find
a reason why,
no star could ever shine so divine…
A million poets could try-
but would fall every time,
When into rhyme they try to harness the
Passion of your lips pressed
against mine.
-Robert Hutchinson-

Thank you all for reading, I really appreciate it…

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