THREE art works to GIVE AWAY – You choose

THREE are works to GIVE AWAY – You choose …

I am very grateful to all the readers out there, not only for your continuous interest, but also for your continuous patience, yes, patience because due to my everyday life commitments (working in an office four days, a mother and a house wife…), I hardly have time to dedicate to my blog and my art, in a more consistency basis.. As you know, I still try to write every week, but sometimes is just impossible…. 
So, once again, thank you all for your patience and for being there in the ‘Ciber world’ reading my posts… I feel so GRATEFUL…
In gratitude, I would like to give away Threeof my paintings.   Please leave a comment and tell me the name of the painting you would like to have… Don’t forget: First come first served... 

(As you noticed I have changed the wording of this post, as I was made aware that the subscribing facility was not working…)
Here below are the images you can chose from, which are practically most of the paintings that have accompanied my posts, since I started blogging, back in July 2012…
The Past  

Male and Female 
The Girl and the Owl
The Kiss (7″ x 5″)
Looking forward to hearing from you…xx

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