Squirrel’s lucky day

While I was looking through my computer’s files, I came across this funny video I took at home last September 2012. We brought some almonds from Spain which we picked up from an almond tree we have in our house over there; and following my mother advice, on our return to London, I placed the almonds on top of some newspaper pages for the almonds to fully dry outside in the garden.. By the third day I noticed that most of the almonds had disappeared, only to realize that they were being eaten by a lovely squirrel (I love these little creatures)… I couldn’t believe this would happen, I never thought of it…, silly me!!… There are a lot of squirrels in London, but I didn’t recall to see them in our street, I guess I never had almonds laid on our garden’s ground before… ha, ha, ha, ha…

Sorry for the poor quality of this video. It was taken through the kitchen glass on my iphone, 
I didn’t want to loss this magic moment.

We know that patience and persistence is the perfect combination for successful squirrels.. Yes, this squirrel kept coming back and every time was finding something… 
“A wise squirrel said once: One minute of patience can result in ten years’ worth of nuts”
I also like squirrels because I believe they have fun in what they are doing… I enjoyed these few days watching this squirrel coming back.. I found their movements so enchanting, synchronized and precised.. Absolutely magical..

So, here is my sketch I did yesterday on the squirrel’s honor… 🙂 🙂 :-)…

Again, I forgot to take pictures between watches for you to follow the process, but it was so spontaneous and quick that I just did not think of it… Sorry!… 😦 

(8″x 5″ Moleskine watercolour sketch book)
Please feel free to comment.. I would love to share your work.. are you being constant practicing your painting?

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