Dance lightly with life-Finished painting

Dear all,

Yes, I decided to delete the previous page on the same subject and replace it with this updated version. Some how the first one was posted unintentionally, and the problem is that because most of the time I write spontaneously, I tend to make mistakes, so I ended up having the latest version on ‘draft’ and the old one ‘posted’… 🙂  Sorry guys, it is not my intention to confuse you, or bore you, but to keep you entertained, amused, inspired and give you some thought provoking on the way…  Anyway, hopefully you will like this page better… 🙂

I am not sure if I have mentioned this quote before, but I just need it to mention it again, as I identify so much with it: 

An artist never really finishes his work; he merely abandons it.
(Paul Valéry)

I know you remember this sketch:

Here is the finish result. or should I say, here is the abandon piece of work. I can assure you that I could have been going on and on and on at it , adding more color here and more color there, and a bit more splash here and more drops there…. ufffff!… Sometimes, I find so difficult to put the color pencil down, don’t you?..

Enjoy and lets keep dancing lightly with life…. 

Dance Lightly With Life:
Today is your day to
dance lightly with life,
sing wild songs of adventure,
soar your spirit,
unfurl your joy.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie-

Here is one of my ‘work in progress’ watercolor pieces, still on my sketch book…


I hope you like it, and keeps you motivated and inspired in whatever is that you like doing most…

Love and light always..xx

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