Earth Day – A late A5 Drawing Contribution

(A delayed post, but better late than never.. I started to write it on the day, but my life was so hectic at the time, I never got to post it… So sorry!)

The 22nd of April was the Earth Day and I liked the Google’s animation doodle showing the cycle of seasons represented by the rising and falling sun and moon. I thought it was very cute. Didn’t you?
Every year this date is being held to bring awareness to humanity of all the environmental issues, and apparently (according to the newspapers), more than one billion people in the world participates in activities, with planting trees being one of the most popular ways of support. I find planting trees very healing, soothing and nurturing, not only towards earth but towards the soul also; its an exchange of positive and loving energies in a caring act of creation….
Since I did not have the means of planting a tree I felt I wanted to draw something (a face, of course!)…  

I was inspired by Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of lovebeauty, pleasure, and procreation, because this is exactly the way I like to think of Mother Earth…

As usually, I did not finish it, but I could not delay this post any longer… 🙂  🙂

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