Additions to my last post

Hola a todos mis ‘readers’,

In my last post I meant to have added this video from my son opening the magic door (as I call it) in the tree that we pass every morning  on our way to the nursery. In this particular day it was in the evening coming back from the nursery.


Saul, not only likes opening doors (how wonderful concept, isn’t it?) but also locking them with keys, real keys, his toy keys no longer do the trick!…

This morning as I left the nursery I was so grateful to the Universe, to life and to my Divine Self, as I was feeling wonderful within myself and the world around me… I realised that since I’ve got up today everything was going smoothing… Its like each one of my daily morning tasks were happening in a perfect dinamyc flow..  There were no resistance..  Saul was doing his things in harmony without getting upset or impousing his way.. 🙂 

During my journey to work I was observing these feelings and suddenly I said to myself: I know, I have been acting more from my heart, than from my mind, meaning I was listening to my heart before my mind..  I was being aware of directing the energy of the heart to all my actions and thoughts..

I was very busy at work this morning, but at lunch time I decided to stay at my desk and try a little sketch that would express in some way what I was feeling..  As there was nobody around (I work in an opened plan office!) I wanted to try to make short videos because we all love to watch the process of the makeing of anything, don’t we?… So, please forgive me if the result is not as professional as most of the videos out there, but it was very difficult to video tape it from my iphone on my left hand and to draw my sketch very quickly with my right hand.. I made three videos in total. Here they are:

I was totally out of the range of action, sorry…

The second one is a bit long and I am having problems uplodading it… (I had to shorten it a lot to be able to upload it)..

and the same with this one…

I am glad I had a little spare time to post something to you.. (even if it was by depriving myself from my lunch time at work…aaarrrrggggghhh)…

Should I take this sketch further, I will certainly share it with you..

Thank you very much to all those readers who are having so much patientce with me, and still like to check this blog… (estoy muy agradecida = I feel grateful)..


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