A Tag on Heart over Mind

Hello readers and friends,

When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indicent to object– Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

I am becoming more and more aware that I choose to live my life with a cheerful, joyful and freedom-loving heart; that I want to choose to think from my heart, not from my mind, however difficult this transition might be at times (most of the time..hahaha!)… I see the mind as a conduit of the soul, and I believe the heart gets the inspiration from the soul.. The knowing that we all experience from time to time, or the intuition as most of us call it, is an overwhelming feeling that can only come from the depth of our being and from every cell in our body… Haven’t we all experienced that when our decision-making comes from our heart (the power house, the core of our being), the outcome is always so magical, so perfect..  More that ever before so many people are making drastic changes in their lives, professionally and personally that perhaps makes no sense for many people who look at it from the mind point of view.. Last week, for instance, I attended a conference in London  on ‘Raw Food’ (another subject for another day!!!) and one of the speakers who for many years had a very lucrative job in the famous Silicon Valley, decided to leave it and to become a lecturer on something that his heart told him it was the best for him.., (and indeed it was!!).. 
Like you, so many times I wonder, what gives the people the courage to make drastic changes in their lives? The answer I always get is the same: the courage can only come from the heart.. Certainly for me, I find that thinking from my mind is always very fragmented, but whenever I manage to think from my heart, I find it very spiritual, very holistic, a feeling I must always trust..
Despite me trying to exercise thinking from the heart, I find extremely difficult to stop my mind and therefore I trust that an opened heart and an opened mind will yield the best results.. what do you think? Here is my first picture of my tag I’ve been trying to finalize…
and here are some videos on the making of the tag (iPad on one hand and paint on the other, very difficult !!!)..
Yes, those brown bits I tried to glue are dry leaves I picked up from the park yesterday while playing and running with my son.. The ground was covered in leaves, those beautiful yellows, oranges, reds and brown colours.. The beautiful colours of autumn I love… Si, el otoño está a la vuelta de la esquina.. (autumn is around the corner!)..
It was 1.30am last night (London time), and since there was no planning what so ever in the making of this tag, I was too tired and I’d lost the momentum, so you will see my very last version of this tag in the next post…, but for now this is it.. 🙂
Thank you for your patience, I hope it was worth it..

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  1. […] Anyway, here it is what it came out from my latest intuitive urge to paint over the weekend.. I apologise for not taking pictures during its making, but it was a truly impulsive and spontaneous exercise, I only realised after three and a half hours later,  when I have finished… during the process I was in that magical place where time does not exists, and therefore my mind was not thinking either.. It was like being totally absorbed by colour and fantasy… This was definitely thinking from the heart.. heart over mind.. […]

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