Coherence – Heart over Mind

Hello friends and readers,

Just a quick post this week to show you the finished tag on Heart over Mind, a subject I believe in so much.. Please take a minute of you time and join me in the following exercise:

Lets breath: ….mmmmm…inhale…mmmm..and exhale…., a few times…., now focus in your heart…, listen to its beats…, keep breathing slowly and keep listening to your heart…, feel your heart opening…, keep breathing and keep listening… Please try to do this little exercise a few times a day, or whenever you feel it appropriate, it works wonders. Certainly we must try it to do everyday, even if it is only once..

My first sketch on this tag it happened while I was working in the office (I think I mentioned to you that I am a civil servant for UN, in London), when I was really stressed and felt the need to stop and breath and detach completely from what I was doing…, I took a moment, and begun breathing and listening to my heart… I took my pencil and focusing on my heart, I left my mind wonder while listening to the beautiful rhythm of my heart, I begun to sketch allowing the soothing image begin to emerge, I then took my iphone and taped what I could (I know you have already seen them but for those who have not, here are they)..

Our hearts do much more than plumbing blood to our bodies, scientists now have confirmed that the heart has its own brain called the neuro-inteligents. We also now know that our hearts send the signal to the brain that triggers the chemistry in the brain that is released into the body…..mmmmm… amazing staff, don’t you think…., and it is all related to the way we feel.. The electrical signal between the heart and the brain is the key of understanding this relationship and when we are in what is called ‘coherence’ is when we are sending the optimal signals between our heart and our brain, the brain sends the healing chemistry to the body and even our anti-aging hormes increase enormously… So, now we know it is all about ‘coherence’ a magical word I need to learn more about… (thanks Gregg!)

I have learnt a lot from Gregg Braden (internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and the real world) who speaks about this subject an alike, he is an amazing interesting and knowledgeable man..  I will never forget reading my first book from him years ago called ‘the science of miracles’, please check it out, is just absolutely food for thought.. In my opinion this book is a must know knowledge for understanding our reality, for growth and for healing..

I am very happy with the final result of my tag, which I have become very attached to.. it is very closed to my heart, never better said…hahaha.. I hope you like it… 


As I mentioned earlier this tag is very special to me, but I decided that should any of you really wish to have it, I am prepare to give it away… No requirements, just send me an email with your address and I will post it to you..

Thank you for your patience and your loyalty to keep reading my posts, I really hope that some of you are being inspired and healed by it… 

Love and light for ever and ever…x

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