My Potential is Unlimited

Hello friends and the rest of the Universe,

Is your potential unlimited?  Of course it is..

“Humanity has only scratched the surface of its real potential.”
-Peace Pilgrim

Isn’t it just wonderful to know that.. If only we would had been brought up with this believe…mmmmm….  Even in the way we have learnt to think.. Like most of you and the human kind, I was brought up with self-imposed limitations.  Luckely, we know now that it is no secret that our thoughts create our world, so it is up to us to change them, however much practise will take, but its never late..

As I write, my mind is floaded with thoughts from my childhood and when the school came along and with it the weight of all the restrictions, which in turn brings thoughts of my beautiful and magical son, who was four years old last June and about three weeks ago commenced the school, ‘Reception’, as the call it in England, and… Oh! dear me…, it is becoming very hard already and a very emotional journe… Its all about putting the children in a box from day 1, I cannot bear it… Ohh!…(another story of another day!)…

Yes, I believe in the tremendous possibility and latent potential that is in all of us, and if I ever felt that I tap into it, I have the feeling that everything is possible. This is the case when I look at some of my paintings and think, did I do that? I don’t think I could repeat them again if I had to…

“The ultimate creative capacity of the brain may be, for all practical purposes, infinite.” -George Leonard

“It is a denial of the divinity within us to deny our potential and possibilities.” -James E. Faust

Thank you for reading this post.. I would have loved to extend myself more, but believe it or not I am writing streight from my head with very limited time. Please forgive me for any typography mistake or alike.. Most likely is that I won’t probably be able to write over the weekend, so I just wanted to post something quickly for those who I believe find healing and inspiration in my drawings and words…. (Namaste)..


Love and light for ever and ever and the day after..xx

P.S. Yes, I will convert this little drawing in something once I finish it.. 🙂

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  1. Gloria- I have nominated your blog for The Versatile Blog Award. To see the post, visit:
    Keep it up!

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