A little project for the school

Hello friends and Universe,

My son was asked to take a picture of himself with his parents to school, so I thought in creating something with a happy picture I found from about two years ago (certainly a happier moment in time for my husband and I)… Yes, HAPPINESS, this is what I am all about.. Oh! The Divine energy of children, what an example they constantly give us of living in the NOW, of being so PRESENT…, which sadly our society and the school will soon shut-down this mystical ability. I want my child to remain happy for ever.. and his best guidance is seeing a good example of ‘happiness’ in its own home, as children absorve everything beyond words, beyond gestures and beyond mannerisms.. I feel very sad that specially during the last two years, my son have not been feeling and perceiving his parents as a unity of love and understanding, and because he doesn’t deserve it I must continuing pursuing this happiness in my relationship,
I have to keep trying and hopefully where ever will take us it will be better than what we have at present.. There is always light at the end of the tunnel..

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions” – Dalai Lama

So, now let us keep this wonderful and powerful word ‘happiness’ in mind, and let’s make art.  I begun this little project yesterday on the spur of the moment and I totally forgot to document it… The urge to create something quickly for my son to take to school on Monday blocked my thinking, so I apologise. Anyway, I am sure I will repeat a similar craft very soon and I will remember to record the process then.

I begun cutting a piece of cartoon box in a heart shape (I love heart shapes!), and while cutting my thoughts where on my son and with him the phrase ‘the apple of my eye’, so by the time I finished cutting it, the intended heart had taken on the shape of an apple, which I was rather please… I then applied a coat of gesso and waited for it to dry.

I cut the photograph in the way I felt would fit better and then I applied different ink colours (using Colourbox in the petals shape)..  My son and I like to press petals, flowers  and leaves so I added some of them for texture. I loved the way the colours of the dry leaves and little flowers complemented to feeling of autumn coming through during the exercise. I finished with Ranger walnut distress ink around the border.




I intend to finish this apple further decorating the back and adding a ribbon at the top for hanging if desired. I will remember to video it before taking it to my son’s school.

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate you, and I really hope this little post today contributed to your happiness..

Love and light for ever and ever and the day after..xx

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