Hello friends and the Universe,

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated”William James, American philosopher”

This week I came acrossed with one of my sketches I draw back in April in my sketch book.. This sketch came about one of those mornings,  (my Friday morning!,  as you know I work the rest of the week)…while drinking my coffee and browsing the blogs from people I like.. In this instance, I was reading a post from Tamara Laporte of, an on-line artist living in Brighton (England) in the south coast of England, The post I was reading that morning was titled ‘On seeing the human in us all’, and while I was reading it, not only I was touched by Tam’s concernes and her sadness in that particular occasion, but also by her beautiful words, and all of a sudden my soul urged me to paint my interpretation of Tam’s photo she published on that post. This is her photo bellow:


And this is what I saw and felt I had to draw straight away. A lot of healing went to Tamara on that day while I was sketching and colouring. Sorry about the quality of the picture, it is a bit blurry (sometimes when I take pictures without using my glasses this is what happen..hahaha) I was certainly in the need of expressing feelings of love and comforting streight from my soul.. I was/am really pleased with the results, and am still very drown to this drawing, I don’t know why..


Although I have not yet met Tamara personally, ever since I watched her videos on YouTube for the very first time, it feels like I have met her before (I guess in previous lives).  I have email here on a few occasions and she kindly responded and advised me accordingly, which I have never forgotten and am still very appreciative for such a gesture.  I think Tamara is a great artist (and a great singer!), and I hope I will meet her in person one day!..  I appreciate you Tam, very much. Today is one of those days (one of many, should I say..hahahaha) that I have been observing feelings of wanted to be appreciated (it certainly must be that time of the month…hahaha) .  I believe we all sick for appreciation in whatever we do, but even if we do not feel we get it (this being my case) we are still joyful, happy and keep trying our best while enjoying the journey..  I believe there is room for everyone and that we are where we are in our path for a very positive reason..  I was also reflecting in the importance of being happy towards others, even if they are doing better than us.. This is part of being kind, and in turn being kind is seeing the human in all of us, absolutely true. We must not forget that we are all ONE !!,  but we cannot expect for everyone to think and feel the same, we are many people in this world and, as I always say, each one is a world himself…

“I guess at the end of the day, all women like to be appreciated and treated with respect and kindness” – Sofia Vergara

Yes, Sofia Vergara maybe right, but also one could say that at the end of the day is all about ‘ego’ isn’t it?  While meditating on this, I recognize my need today is a need of my ego, and this way I can turn my attention to my inner thoughts and listen to my inner-guidance (my whispers of wisdom!).. I know I can change those thoughts of needing to be appreciated… I just breath deeply and connect with my HEART, I feel relief… I am grateful of being alive on this planet, and I believe that the day we all recognize our connection to a spiritual dimension, we will be free of any negative or unwanted feelings.

Here is what I did with the above sketch. I photocopied it, enlarged it and transferred to a piece of solid wood (8″ x 10″ inches approx.)




I must apologise again for the quality of the photo, it appears to be a bit blurry also..


I have also converted my sketch in a new image, which I call ‘Namaste’, and I am thinking to use it in a future project .. Here is a little video of this new image ‘Namaste’.. (sorry that it is a bit blurry and too big to look at, I don’t know why, I just uploaded it!, that’s all… very estrange!). (I still have to learnt my way around wordpress, sorry!).

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate YOU ALL.

(Love and light for ever and ever and the day after…xx)


  1. I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.
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    1. I appreciate you stoping by and liking what you found.. I hope you come back again.. Thank you so much..x

  2. What a beautiful work of art inspired by Tam’s post and photo! Gloria, your art and words are powerful and inpsiring! You are such a kind, beautiful, loving person.

  3. Thank you so much Deena for your beautiful message.. Your words touch my soul (my eyes fill up)..xx

  4. Only someone who paints from the heart can paint like you do. It is such a pure expression of our feelings and that’s what makes your work so touching and beautiful. Every brush stroke, every colour, everything about your art radiates love. Your art is a true gift.

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