Hello dear friends and the rest of the Universe,


It really sounds wonderful, magical, and certainly very powerful..,  isn’t it ??

How much do I believe this affirmation?.. We know that it is the believe that makes things happen, isn’t it.. La FE mueve montañas, literally: Faith moves mountains.. Like a lot of you out there, some days I really believe ‘I am Art’, and that I am indeed an Artist in my own right, but another days I am all in total doubt..  So, you see, that is  why my dream of making a living as an artist is still a ‘bit’ far away…arrrgghhhharrrrgghhh…. Yes, as I have said before in my previous posts I believe in the power of positive thinking and how changing our thoughts it changes our reality, so I AM ART is a mantra I keep practising, but perhaps not often enough, perhaps not lough enough and perhaps not strong enough for it to manifest…

We are all unique, we are organic and constantly growing, changing every day and indeed we are multidimensional divine beings… what a perfect masterpiece we are, aren’t we?.. Oh! so much have been written about these three empowering words, as we hear how many great artists have been caught up in the fear that they are not artist.., but we know we can all do it without previous training, we just have to believe it first and then practice, practice, practice..

Have you been looking at the moon?,  please look at it and let your creative inner-self out to play, and just create, create, create… Every time the moon is on its crescendo phase, I feel a spontaneous urge to create, sometimes I even get tickling on the tips of my fingers..

True art is characterised by the irresistible urge in the creative artist” – Albert Einstein

I just wish I will have this urge all the time…hahhaha..  What I really need is someone motivating (nagging!) me to paint, and since I don’t have anyone, blogging came into my life to play that role for me.. It really pushes me to create because I blog to share at least one painting/sketch/craft in every post… 🙂 :-)..

Anyway, here it is what it came out from my latest intuitive urge to paint over the weekend.. I apologise for not taking pictures during its making, but it was a truly impulsive and spontaneous exercise, I only realised after three and a half hours later,  when I have finished… during the process I was in that magical place where time does not exists, and therefore my mind was not thinking either.. It was like being totally absorbed by colour and fantasy… This was definitely thinking from the heart.. heart over mind.. 🙂 🙂

The photo here appears to be darker than in reality, I guess taking the picture during the night with artificial light and from my iPad is not the same than on day time and with a good camera.. 🙂


Some of you may be asking yourself, Why all of a sudden I painted an elephant?. I do not know, is the true answer, (although I used to draw all sort of things when I was younger!), but I believe it was the fact that last week my soon brought a green clothed elephant from the after school club where they practised how to saw, and he was so happy trying to explain how exactly he did it.. It was so funny watching him explaining and making himself understood.. mmmmm… Here it is:


It is very cute, isn’t it?

With regards to my little painting (7.5″ x 8″ inches approx.), I wanted to share with you that it was created by placing little pieces of absorbent paper (tissue paper, kitchen roll paper and even coffee filters paper) randomly over a ‘hand-made’ paper, and pouring very diluted watercolour paint over the pieces.. Once sufficiently dry, but not completely,  you remove them and enjoy the unusual and magical effect created by all those little pieces of papers saturated in different watercolour paints.. Absolutely amazing..!!.. I really loved the process..

I was very pleased with the result trying (second time better) this great technique I learnt from an artist, and occasional jewelry designer,  Wyanne Thompson, from Atlanta.  She loves elephants too, but I have never drown or painted one myself, so I guess my inspiration also came from watching her videos, check her out, she is great!.

“An artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the hearth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web” – Pablo Picasso

My soul was just waiting for the right moment to experience ‘coherence‘, when the mind obeys the signals/wishes of the heart. Science has now discovered that in this optimal state the brain begins to release life affirming chemistry into our bodies and also healing chemistry. When having this feeling of ‘coherence’ our immune system is enhanced and even our anti-aging hormones increase .. Amazing staff, isn’t it?.. I am so passionate about this matter that I know I will repeat myself, and my intention is to motivate and inspire you paint and create, not to bore you to tears.. 🙂

We must find time to create because is true that the more we create, the more creative we become… After all:


and meant to be creating, creating and creating…

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it.



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  3. Thank you very much. I left a comment on your blog a long time ago. You are a very bright lady..x

  4. carmen villaverde · · Reply

    Gracias Gloria… Hermana.
    gracias por tu búsqueda y tu confianza en el Universo que Tu eres.
    Te quiero… siempre te quiero

  5. Gracias a ti, mi queridísima y siempre admirada Carmen, por estar ahí, por tu Amor inconditional y por tu confianza infinita… (Your words brought a tear to my eyes…) I love you too for ever and a day…xoxo

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