Saramago’s definition of a son

Dear friends and cyber readers,  a cousin/friend of mine shared this clip on Facebook last week. She is presently going through a very difficult time due to her daughter’s illness.. So, this post is being written with the best thoughts and wishes for my cousin’s daughter speedy recovery… I have her family very present in my heart, while sending them positive and healing energies all the way…


(Please note that José Saramago was an atheist and this Spanish  translation the word ‘God’ is mentioned , so I am not sure how faithful this translation its original  Portuguese text, as I did not researched it..)

José de Sousa Saramago is a Portuguese writer (16 November 1922 – 18 June 2010) who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1998.  Around this time is when I read one of his well-known books ‘All the Names’, it’s the only book I have ever read from Saramago, but I was very impressed and enjoyed it very much. ‘All the Names ‘ is a novel about identity and connection. A novel about the absurdity of human actions… Personally, I would dear to say that it is a novel with a soul… An unusual novel written beautifully with all his witty, intelligent, tender and magical generosity than only Saramago can offer…

Having said so, and coming back to the lovely ‘definition of a son’ from Saramago, I translated the above text into English (I apologise in advance if my English is not perfect!) for you to enjoy the deep true of this profound and full of wisdom statement.

A son is someone who was lent to us to make an intensive course on how to love someone else than ourselves, on how to change our worse defects to give them the best examples and how we can learn to have courage. Yes, that is all about! To be father or mother is the highest act of courage that anyone can deliver, because it is to be exposed to any sort of pain, mainly to be so uncertain as to be acting in the proper way and the fear to lose something so loved… Lose it ? How come ? It is not ours?  It has been just a loan … The most precious and wonderful loan as they are ours only until they can shift for oneself, then they belong to life, destiny and their own families …”

What a magnificent, concise and substantial definition of the most precious jewel, our sons… mmmm.. I just couldn’t hold my tears when I read it last week … It really touched my soul and beyond..  I am speechless and cannot express in words all the emotions running through my entire being. Yes, Sr. Saramago, you were so right when you said:

Human vocabulary is still not capable, and probably never will be, of knowing, recognizing, and communicating everything that can be humanly experienced and felt.” – José Saramago

As always, my post would not be completed without art.. I thought it would be very appropriate to share with you a little exercise I did about a year ago…

This is a photocopy of a photograph of my son and I, taken a few years ago by one of my nephews who loves using special effects in the computer.. The right orientation of the photo is landscape, but I uploaded on portrait for a more comfortable view..


and this is a photocopy of the first wash I did last year in June.. (I even dated at the time, how handy!!..jejeje..)


Here is final version of the exercise… (I was quite happy with the results, as I was not looking to achieve a total replica of the photo, but a good enough likeness..!!)


Are you motivated enough to try a similar exercise… Come on, get a reference photo, it doesn’t have to be of your son, it can be a photo of your pet, a flower, anything will do… You can try from still life. Look around.., what is that in front of you?…  yes, that would do.., allow the pencil  to do the work for you, yes, let the pencil follow your heart and draw the interpretation of what your eyes are looking at in this very second… Yes, it is fun and can be magical.. You may be very surprised of the results… You can do it, everybody can.., just don’t think of it, grab that pencil and drawwwwwwwwwww…. 🙂

Ohh!! my magical son, my baby, my life, my everything… I love him so much, so much that it hearts sometimes… mmmmmm….

Lets just enjoy our children as much as we can and consciously embrace every second we spend with them… We must be very present… magical things happend when we slow down.. It all goes fast enough anyhow..

Thank you all for taking a moment of your precious time to read these words.. I appreciate it very much.

With love and light for ever and the day after…xx


  1. Saramago could not have said it any better! Thanks for sharing his writing and your beautiful photo and drawings!

    1. Thank you Deena for your lovely words. It’s very kind of you to have stopped by, and I really and truly appreciate it.

  2. Deena,
    I don’t believe is fair for the author to skip a part of his definition, specially when it comes to such an important piece, it would be like taking away from him part of his thoughts.
    You could’ve even researched on Internet, just to make sure it was complete before you published just a half truth.
    His definition does includes the word GOD, and it says at the end, ‘GOD BLESS OUR KIDS, because we’ve been already bless having them’

    1. Dear Vanessa, the article includes the two lines you are referring to in your comment. Although the article is in Spanish one can still understand the last sentence as it is very Latin: “Dios vendiga siempre a nuestros hijos…”. Thanks Vanessa for stopping by and expressing your concern, I hope you enjoyed the post and come back again… Glo.x

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    1. Thank you Juliet for your kind comment and guidance..🙏🤗🙏

  4. Leticia · · Reply

    It is incomplete !! A very POOR translation!!!!

    Here is the complete translation:

    “A child is a being that GOD lent to us to do an intensive course on how to love someone else than ourselves, on how to change our worst flaws to give them the best examples, and how we can learn to have courage. Yes, that’s it! Being a parent is the greatest act of courage that anyone can have, because it is to expose themselves to all kinds of pain, mainly from the uncertainty of acting properly and the fear of losing something so loved. Lose it? How? It is not ours? It was just a loan…. The most precious and wonderful loan since they are only ours while they cannot fend for themselves, then they belong to life, fate and their own families. May GOD always bless our children!! For we have already been blessed with them”

  5. Alex · · Reply

    As you mentioned, he was atheist, and his original definition in Portuguese ends in “It has been just a loan … “. The rest of the text has been added for somebody else, but I would say that it has been magnificently added.

    My brother 9 years old son passed away last December, and my brother shared this with the family, God has been his, and his wife support, and their faith is an example.

    Best Regards

    1. Thank you Alex for your words, and my apologies for the late acknowledgement..
      I sincerely feel for you and your family on your brother passing.. I completely understand the inconsolable pain you have been going through, my beloved brother in law passed away on Monday 24th September at 45 years old living behind his only 5 years old daughter.. There are no words that can ever express the devastating feeling of losing a loved one, and specially a child.. Remember life goes on I have no doubt your brother is looking after you and your family and you should feel him around you..
      I profoundly appreciate you being here sharing your thoughts… Much love. Glo,xx

  6. Kikki Santana · · Reply

    I recommend to read Blindness. There is another book title seeing so don’t get confused. Blindness is the one I recommend but sure all the others one are as good.
    Thank you for the translation, now I can share with others that doesn’t know Spanish

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