Dear friends and the Universe,

As you know, awakening my consciousness through a journey of intuitive painting, self-discovery and spirituality is a constant and meaningful pursuit for me…

Today I’ve got up with one of my favourite mantras ‘I AM’ in my head and was thinking about the fact that we live in a vibrational universe and therefore everything we see, and do not see, is energy vibrating at different frequencies.


Since I was very young I believed in ‘energy’ and even at that early age a part of me knew to be true that our physical bodies were surrounded by energy even if I could not see it …  At that time, I used to read many books on these matters and always wanting to explore this field   further…

The above quote is a very profound and overwhelming reality to me, and my soul completely aligns with this true… Like myself, I am sure you also have been matching the frequency of the reality you wanted in many occasions of your life, even if you were not aware of how you made your dreams to come true…  Some of us called them magical moments in time !!… As I wrote in my previous post, the precise time in which the opportunity to be a DT (designer team) for a Challenging blog arose las December, it was one of those magical moments, or in physics terms, it was the result of having matched that reality I wanted, as Mr. Einstein brilliantly call it…

So, you may be asking yourself: how do we match the frequency of the reality we want? All I know (and keep practising) is that our thoughts must be inline with our actions, and our actions inline with the nature of our goal. As you know, we are all the masters of our own realities, and in turn, the masters of our collective reality. Energy functions according to certain universal laws and the key principle is: ‘like attracts like’. To start with, all we need to do is changing our thoughts.. If our consciousness is on a state of a negative attention..i.e. this is not right, people are so bad, there is much injustice everywhere; we must consciously change it to a positive attention, and with practise we will begin to find more and more reasons to feel positive about. gratitude and thankfulness are ‘heartfelt’ energies and have great power in keeping our thoughts on the right direction.. So, having this aptitude will always take us to realm places…

Initial drawing of the above painting.


“..When we think of ourselves, let us forget our so-called humanhood and human qualities and try to understand what we represent as consciousness and then realize that, that consciousness which is expressing itself as us is likewise maintaining and prospering us and our endeavors…” – Joel Goldsmith, The infinite way

Thank you for reading my reflections of today and let’s keep creating.

So the universe is constantly moving in the direction of higher evolutionary  impulses, creativity, abstraction, and meaning.” – Deepak Chopra


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