It’s a ‘birdy’ Fairy this time




Today, Friday 31st, challenge number #79 at Brown Sugar Challenge blog takes place and was the turn for the Design Tema ‘A’ (my group) to submit a project that hopefully will get people inspired and motivated to submit their work and get a prize… (The final version of the above image is at the end of the post. Spot the difference!) The sponsor this time is ‘A day for daisies inspire me’ and this is the image I had to use: Challenge-79-WaterMark-Image As you can see Fairies keep coming to me, I love them.. (something magical is taking place in my life..hahahaha!).. The theme this time was ‘feathers’. So, the above image was the end product and this is an image taken while the work was still on an A4 size cardstock: 001 I used collage (pieces of pattern papers) for the sun, the flower mountain and the two hills on the right. The feathers around the nest where drawn by hand on a card stock paper and then cut and glued onto the card (or my little canvas), and the nest was created by sticking dry pieces of real leaves (my son and I collected some last autum, we love picking them up!).. I cut off the digital image, glued it on the desired place and then painted using watercolours and promarker pens. The rest of the scenary was painted in the same manner… At the end I decided to paint over the plain pattern papers… I didn’t know when to put the pen down… I hope you like it and makes your mind wonder… The little house on the tree brought this quote from Peter Pan into my mind…

Do you know,” Peter asked, “why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.”  – J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Well, I hope this motivates you enough to get your colours out and your inspiration going to submit your wonderful ideas to Brown Sugar Chanllege Blog, and enjoy the fun.

Keep motivated, keep inspired, but most of all, keep painting/crafting and creating, creating and nothing but creating.. and……, be HAPPY, which is the most important thing, whatever you do… 🙂

Thank you somuch for reading this post..x


  1. It’s beautiful Gloria! I love how you added the baby bird fairy and ‘fairies live here’ sign to your final version! Lovely colors too. This makes me smile and yearn for Spring! hugs,Deena

    1. Thank you Deena for your lovely comment. I hope the rest of the viewers feel the same as you did… That was my intention!.. (I would have loved to have had more time to make the baby bird to stand out more.. For me, It’s an unfinished project, but…).. Lots of

  2. Beuatiful collage, the colours are wonderful, great inspiration for the Brown Sugar feather challenge

    1. Thank you Cass for your nice comment.. I really hope is a great inspiration for everyone.. Take care..x

  3. Nancy · · Reply

    Lovely inspiring Gloria x

    1. Thanks Nancy, I appreciate your comment and continuos support..xx

  4. lylacsparkle · · Reply

    Morning Gloria love your work so very inspired beautiful use of colour xx

    1. Thank you so much lylacsparkle for stopping by and thank you your kind comment, I really appreciate it..xx

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