A bookmark for you

“My house would not be my ‘home’ without books” – Gloria Embid


My dear friends and the Universe,

This bookmark today is for my submission as DT member for the Brown Sugar Challenge Blog.  The image to work with is the little boy reading (sponsor: http://robynsfetish.com/), everything else is inspiration… 🙂

Books are magical, and allow you to travel to a far-away places… One can really get lost reading a book.

“A book is a gift you can open again and again” – Garrison Keillor

Here is my first thought:

I have loved books ever since I can remember…  Although I have two brothers, unfortunately we didn’t grow up together, they were in a boarding school  in one city and I lived with my aunt in another city… (I think I have mentioned to you before that my mother became a widow when she was 36-year-old, and never married, so for her to be able to thrive (and shed did!), that was the way she felt was the best,  because she lived in the hospital were she worked and could not have us with her….mmmm… a very  hard time for all of us then!)…  My poor mother, to this date she still  regrets for all of us having been apart… I am a mother now and just the thought of being away from my child.., oh! my God!… I can perfectly imaging how much my mother must have suffered in order to give us the best standards any other child would have with both parents alive… She is an incredible woman and an extraordinary mother and grandmother, of course! Bless you mum!
So, discovering books for me was like having company all the time and enjoying so many adventures in so many different places… I never felt alone when I was reading a book.. It’s funny how this project today brings me these memories… I have a child (my treasure, my life, my only son) who is now beginning to read, so I read a lot with him and try to convey the joy and the fun of reading, so hopefully he will like reading and would never feel alone…

“There is not such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book” – Frank Serafini

I became an adult and noticed my choice of books was more selective… I would only enjoy what in my view, were ‘good’ books; books that will fulfill my soul and stimulate my brain, books that will get me thinking, books that carried wisdom…  Oh! some days all I want to do is read, read, read…. When I read, just like when I paint, time does not exist… Reading is for me a great enjoyment… Making this bookmark has been very fulfilling in many aspects of my ‘Self’… 🙂

“The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them” – Mark Twain

A closed up video of the bookmark. I hope you like it.

Yesterday it was my son’s birthday (he is 5 now), and so far I have managed for him not to watch any TV at all, (I know, people usually do not believe me when I say this, but it is true!), but  I did NOT managed to keep the iPad away from him, as I use it practically every day.. So, since last August my son discovered an amazing world at his finger’s tips using the iPad and although he loves it, he can also be without it, which so far this is a very good thing… Talking bout this I thought you will enjoy the following image someone sent me a long time ago and made me laugh..

I really hope I have motivated you enough to keep creating, to keep trying to follow your passion however difficult and hard sometimes it seems…, Lets keep working in our dreams weather is to make it as an artist, as a writer, as a sculture, as a poet, or as whatever it is that make us feel we really are where we fully belong in a total unison of soul, mind and body present in ONE… Let us just keep trying what it make us being in the Zone… Feeling ONENESS…  As one said: the water does not run until you open the tap!!…

Thank you so much for stopping by and liking my post!

You know I love you being here…xx

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