A cute image

Shabby clothes but a brand new heart” – Gloria Embid

Chall- 99-Final

Hello dear friends and the Universe,

Yes, it is that week again for another submission as DT member for the Brown Sugar Challenge Blog. Today’s theme is dots and/or stripes, and the digital image I was allocated to work with this week is sponsored by Lacy Sunshine stamps.

As usual, I kept looking at my image asking for inspiration and while doing so the spanish say ‘las apariencias engañan = appearances can be deceiving” came into mind. This in turn plus the cute digital image  inspired me to write the above quote… :-)…  My heart and my mind kept reflecting, while I was focusing in getting some ideas for my project…, …, My mind continued its dialogue: … It is wrong to judge someone based on their appearances because we do not know what is going on in their life… Maybe they just like to express themselves and their look expresses their feelings… How wonderful to be different, unique, in a world of so much repetition.., and so much of the same.. (my mind kept on and on..!)..

Still not knowing what to create I begun to search a background with stripes, but not the usual  stripes you see everywhere… It took me time, but eventually I found one I  connected with… It was a pure intuitive choice, so I went along…

Chall- 99-Bckgrd-paper-used

I coloured my image very late at night (should I say morning, by the time I finished it was 2:15am !!) feeling very tired and without my glasses, so I was not totally pleased with the quality of colouring I produced…, but, by the time I realised this (on day light  and with my glasses on…!!) it was too late to make it better… Nevertheless, it’s still acceptable, and it matches her look, don’t you think?… 🙂

Chall- 99-My-Painted-image-No-enhanced

” The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” – Hellen Keller

Although I still was not driven to any particular design or idea for my card, my opening quote and the one above  brought about a strong desire of knowing that my little painting had to have a heart incorporated.., so I just follow the whispers and decided to draw a heart, my special heart  (I LOVE HEART SHAPES..), and the funny thing is that while I was drawing my heart, and cutting it, I could visualise the heart being behind the image, so I when ahead and glued them..

Here it is, a heart of my own… 🙂


Wednesday night, back in my studio (very late, you guessed it!), I looked at what I had so far (a piece of background paper, a heart shape and the digit) and still did not have a defined idea of what to do… So, I  asked my creative self to guide me, as I was really under pressure and without much time left to submit my design (by 6:00pm EST, yesterday!); on saying this, my eyes met a piece of corrugated cartoon over some boxes (I like the corrugated board.. Did you see my post ‘Inspired by Tea’, I used it here as well, have a look!), so I took it and realised that I knew what to do next (I was really on the flow, doing without thinking, and totally forgot about taking pics., sorry!… Time did not exist…), tearing my background paper making a random shape to stick on top of the cartoon… Then I placed my heart behind the image and kept following the whispers….  Ohh! I finished at 3:40am yesterday morning, but it was all worth it..,  I was very pleased with my designed and all I kept saying was: ‘Thank-you’, ‘Thank-you’, ‘Thank-you’, for the inspiration and the magical moment I experienced…
Well, well, well, once again I have to thank these challenges because they really oblige me to keep practising and doing what I love the most, drawing and painting… At the same time they also give me the opportunity to reflect in one thing or another… Today this project was a great reminder of trying to be my self at all time, in which ever type of form; however hard it maybe sometimes.., and never categorise people by their look… I am already planting the seeds on my son’s little mind encouraging him to be as unique as he was meant to be, because the society we live in is always trying to make you something else, as Emerson wonderfully put it….  🙂

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you for popping in today, and don’t forget how creative you are and that all you need to do is just start… Just be who you really are and express yourself in whichever way you feel today.. Ah! and for those artistic souls out there, who would like to submit their cards to this challenge, come on… I hope you’ve got the inspiration and motivation you were looking for… 🙂

Yes, I do love you being here…xx

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