‘ Thanks, thanks, thanks and ever thanks’


This post is just a warm and profound “THANK-YOU” to all my followers, who’s continue support makes what I do to be worth it and in turn makes me feel valued… YOU being here reading this blog motivate me to continue painting and  writing to pursue an artistic dream while on an intuitive journey and wakening my consciousness. This post is also to give a big WELCOME to all the newest followers – so lovely to have you here!

I hope you like this double sided tag I made for you, yes, for you…, and if you would like to have it just send me an email at with a postal address and I will send it to you, first come first served!… Yes, I guess you will have to trust me that I will send it to the first email I receive…

Enjoy the making images of this tag, which took me approx. 1hr & 50min to complete, but you are worth it.. 🙂


A lot of blending of colours to achieve the desired result… I added a few drops of water randomly ….image


I also worked on the back of the tag to make it double-sided.. Blending more colours and adding stamps …







Thanks again for being here and I hope your EVERY day shines…:-)



  1. Oh Gloria this is so lovely! As I am looking at these photos of your process of painting and stamping I am wishing that I could be there too getting my fingers inky and chatting away the hours while crafting with you! What a beautiful gesture to offer this as a gift to one of your followers! Whomever receives it will be thrilled to have a little piece of your art! hugs,Deena

    1. My dearest Deena, you have no idea the effect that your incredible words have on my soul and on my entire being.., and I thank you so much for that.., I feel profoundly touched and cannot find enough words to express my gratitude…xox

  2. Nancy · · Reply

    Gracias Gloria por tu regalo muy bonito.xx

    1. Thank you so much Nancy, I am glad you like it.. Your support is always so welcome xx

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