A face of ‘wonder’


“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”
― Socrates


Hello dear friends and the Universe,

This week submission as DT member for the Brown Sugar Challenge Blog was again very interesting and at the same time challenging for me to try to produce something from the soul…  As always I begun to observe the digital image (sponsored by Robyn’s Fetish) I had to work with (here bellow) looking for insights and listening to the whispers… and wonder, never better said..


Although I know the meaning of this lovely word ‘wonder’, I looked it up in the dictionary as I wanted to read the precise meaning  of it, which read:

“feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar”
“desire to know something; feel curious”
“feel doubt”

Words are powerful and certainly they can be very inspirational in many ways…  I find ‘wonder’ to be a very subtle state and therefore easy to dismiss or ignore… While I reflect in this state that we all find ourselves from time to time sometime or another, I feel wonder reveals things in a new light and tends to promote mindfulness…

With this thought in mind I begun to get some ideas of what I wanted to do with this image…  Today’s theme is ‘anything goes’, which  it also served well for the purpose…  So, I  took one of my own original hand paintings, which I really love (here bellow) and sense a feeling of wonder as well:


The actual original of the above painting is looking to the left side so I had to flip it to the right to make it fit with the digital image… I cut the pieces I needed here below… WoW! Can you see the face I see? .. As soon as I took the picture bellow and uploaded it I realised I could see a clear perfil female image…, mmmmm.., I will certainly make something of it one day… 🙂


I tried to follow the idea I had and begun to glue pieces together without having a clear thought of the outcome..


“Art is the child of nature in whom we trace the features of the mothers face.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Thank you for popping in, and I hope you found something in here today which made you ‘wonder’… :-).., and…. Let’s keep reminding ourselves that:

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have”. Maya Anjelou

YES, It’s really nice having you here again…xx


  1. Well like I said in my e-mail, I had to stop by and check on you my friend! It’s not quite a knock on your door but it’s the cyber equivalent! I hope you are feeling a little better! This is another wonderful and ‘wonder’ filled art piece! You are so good at the manipulation of all your elements and I so do see that lovely ‘face’ after you removed the other! You have to try to do something with it sometime! 🙂 Beautiful work! Hugs!

  2. Johnd705 · · Reply

    Hello. excellent job. I did not expect this. This is a great story. Thanks! ckebcdkkkdfd

    1. Thank you so much Johnd705 for stopping by and for writing such a positive words, I really appreciate.
      Love and light.

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