Yellows and oranges


“One eye SEES, the other FEELS” – Paul Klee

Hello friends,

I am so pleased to say that I am back creating art as part of the Design Team for ‘A Creative Need’ monthly challenge blog hoping to continue inspiring you… This month the project can only include yellows and oranges colours, how fantastic is that?… I loveeeeeee these colours…  The fall season is here, and we are begining to enjoy the autumn leaves beautiful colours which are energizing and invigorating, don’t you think?…  Ohh!!  thesse colours give me such a happy, uplifing feeling

So, lets get our juices going and look at the positive meaning of these amazing colours.    The most known positive meaning of  Yellow are Spirituality, Enlightenment, Wisdom, Intelligence, Cheerfulness, Happiness, Awareness, Optimism, Hope, Energy and Intuition… The Orange positive meaning are Good Health, Social, Jovial, Adventurous, Creative, Constructive, Exciting and Warm… WoW !!!  What a powerful and magical combination of positive words.. No wonder why many of us are drawn to these colours, they are just amazing… I could not wait any longer to splash them on my paper…

This is my background.., just a piece of card stock sprayed with some yellow colour all over with some brown added at bottom of the paper to achieve a dark orange..


I then painted the lovely digital image designed by Deena, a nice and lovely little bird for a bright and happy background…jeejeje… As you can see, for the purpose of my project I inverted and printed the bird digital image… I used different colour pencils plus gelatos to achieve different yellows and oranges shades… I used one of my most loved stamps to represent the foliage for the birds…


In Japan Yellow means Courage and Nobility, while in Islam Yellow means Wisdom… Hindus consider Yellow a Sacred color and for Native Americans Yellow is the symbol for unconditional Love… Beautiful..!!!

Buddhist monks wear Saffron Orange robes which are Yellow-Orange… In Eastern philosophy, the Orange Chakra is in the abdomen and is the creative center…Mmmmm… Very interesting, isn’t it?..  With this in mind I kept getting ideas for my little painting… What do you think?


To achieve de final result shown at the beginning of the post, I just outlined the birds to bring them forward and I distressed a bit more the edges of the little canvas, as I call it to give it more depth..

Ah! I forgot to mention that in color psychology, yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful and Orange is the color of social communication and optimism.

I leave you with this quote, that I have mentioned in previous posts because I find it so powerful and healing. I hope it reaches your soul like it reaches mine…xx





  1. Beautiful, Gloria! Thank you for sharing all the meanings behind these lovely colours too! Smiles,Deena

  2. Thank you Deena for suggesting the theme… :-)… Like you I love these colours.. H&Ksss..xx

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