It’s a Tomte, how sweet!

Hello my dear friends and kind Universe,


Another quick post to catch up with my contribution as DT member for the Creative Need monthly chanllenge (ACN) , before the month ends.. The wonderful and talented owner of this site, Deena, has desigmed a lovely digital image of a sweet version of ‘Tomte, a mythological creature from Scandinavian folkloree typically associated with the winter solsticee and the Christmass season. It is generally no taller than three feet, has a long white beard and wears colorful clothes. It is known as a gift bearer and is considered the Swedish and Norwegian version of Santa Clauss. According to tradition, Tomtes secretly live in houses and act as their guardian..

Having said that (a little bit of knowledge doesn’t hurt from time to time..hahaha), I begun to colour the seweet digi image..  (Sorry, I chose promarkers colour pens the end!)…
Ah!, the theme this month is to use buttuns.


For the background I begun to glue a piece of music notes paper (as you can see I covered more than I needed) onto a card board and then I used the  crayons shown above (Neocolor II) on reds, pinks, blue and some white on top trying to define some distant hills where I also stamped some trees to complement the soothing winter scenery I was trying to achieve..


 You will see that in the final piece I used some 3D white pearl fluid to emphasies the Tomte’s bear, and it did beautifully, I loved the result..

I was worry because I still did not have a clue where was I going to place the butuns, as the only ones I had were still too big to place on the Tomte’s jumper or trausers….Arrrgghhhh… So, where will I put them?

“WORRY, often gives a small thing a great shadow” – Swedish proverb

(glad to say I found a place for my buttons!)

A big  ‘GLAD  JUL’ to all my fellow swedish artists out there !!!

Thank you so much for being here today, I hope you liked it and visit me again..xx


  1. Nancy · · Reply

    So cute 😊

    1. Thank you Nancy…xx

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