The need for writing and sharing

Dear friends and the Universe,

It has been so long since my last post that I begun to feel a certain urge for writing and sharing my present thoughts while walking this exciting path of creativity…


Yes, as usual, my day job is keeping me extremely busy, and when I am not at work the rest of the day is happily fulfilled being a mummy, an educator (my son has a lot of home work), a cook (oh! yeah! I prepare a packed lunch for my son and I every day) and as entertainer (every evening I play with my son, we even dance and sing).. :)) Yes, my daily routine can be very ‘intensively-hard’ at times, but life is passing by at such a speed that nothing makes me happier than to enjoy my son as much as I possibly can,  trying to make  his childhood an unforgettable one.. We laugh so much…

My life as an artist has been quite busy as well…juppppiiii… I had a few comissiones going on and I’ve just finalised a very special one which I should share with you in more depth soon.. I am presently working in a few small painting for children…  As always, Art is my greatest healer.. I love this quote from Julia Cameron:

“Art opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings Healing” (Julia Cameron)

I bought Julia Cameron’s famous book ‘The Artist’s Way’ a few year ago, as I was drawn to its title and content while browsing in a book store; a self-help book  focused on a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.  Unfortunately, the book was lost in one of the boxes last time we moved houses and had only read a few pages, but the fact that I am talking about this, it can only mean that I am in the right vibration for learning the teachings, techniques and exercises stated in this book..

(from my sketch book..  A quick sketch in Black Ink, Colour crayons, and Watercolours )


Making Art not only resonates with my Soul, but also elevates me to an exhilarating state of mind… I feel the call ever so often, and ever so often I let it pass, but since my last post ‘Be Brave’ magical things begun to happen.. I’ve had been much more aware of being in the flow of things, which in turn creates a ripple effect bringing so many positive and happy events into my life.. I am feeling so much in tune with my inner voice/guide, which in so many of desperation have shown me clarity and brought me strength… Yes, practising  ‘Mindfulness’ has drastically increased the awareness of my thoughts and more and more am able to refuse entertaining/contemplating any negative/ harmful thought that come into my mind… Allow me please to repeat myself on what we all know but forget every now and then: We are creators, and the Power is ‘within’, its just practise, and the more we practise, the soonest we come to realised that  ‘We Owe Our Thoughts’, and therefore we can change them.. Our thoughts create our reality, so only positive thoughts  will keep us healthy and happy most of the time… Thoughts become things..  We need to change our thoughts in order to change our reality.. I came across  Louise Hay’s famous book ‘You Can Heal your Life’ in the late eighties, and it was a pivotal reading for me… Louise herself learnt the transformative power of thought, and studied the work of other authors on how positive thinking could change people’s material circumstances and also heal the body.. The fact that Science now support this true, it will help more people to believe even more and put it into practise..

(from my sketch book.. Doodling on black pen..)


No matter where you are in your journey, my great desire and intention is to inspire you and make your life more creative… We are all artists!!

Ah! I also like to share with you that I am still in a raw food diet (nearly three years now!) and I have never felt better..:)).. On Saturday I tried my very own recipe of this Superfood and Yummy smoothie… It is very energising, please give it a try: one banana – one full hand of blueberries and one full hand of strawberries. Mixt all the ingredients  in your blender with coconout water….mmmmm…, or just water if you prefer, its equally beautiful and will make you feel wonderful.. You can, of course, adjust the quantities to your own taste..

We certainly can heal ourselves by making healthy choices, food that will nourish both our body and our soul…

“To Eat is a necessity, but to eat Intelligently is an Art.” – Francois La Rochefoucauld

Thank you so much for reading.

Be happy, be joyful, be your best creation.. :))



  1. Nancy · · Reply

    Thanks Gloria for the inspiration 😘

  2. Manuela Villaverde · · Reply

    Hola Bellza

    Imagino que es aqui donde me dices que te lo envíe.

    Hace un montón que no miro el correo y casi me resulta exraño contestar por quí.

    En fin, está bien, retomo…



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