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Dear friends and the Universe, As you know, awakening my consciousness through a journey of intuitive painting, self-discovery and spirituality is a constant and meaningful pursuit for me… Today I’ve got up with one of my favourite mantras ‘I AM’ in my head and was thinking about the fact that we live in a vibrational universe and therefore everything we […]

A Fairy for you

Some believe that fairies come from a real that is near the human world but is not a part of it.  Apparently, there are many fairies in human space watching us, living amongst us..  They are a race of small magical beings. They are usually invisible to most of us, but many mortals do have […]

A late post sharing a wreath I made for Christmas

Dear friends, I apologies for this late post sharing a wreath I made  for this holiday season.. Nevertheless, I hope it will still be of some value for some of you… WOW!  I cannot believe that Christmas is here and how quickly the days are passing. I haven’t been ready for it, as the commercial side of this time of […]

A Sprinkle of Imagination Monthly Challenge

Hello friends, Following the advice of many artists out there who share their journey and experiences, I learnt that a lot of these artists participated in monthly challenges and whether their work was accepted or declined, these challenges opened a new horizon and brought a whole new spectrum to their artistic work, not only was a lot of […]

Saramago’s definition of a son

Dear friends and cyber readers,  a cousin/friend of mine shared this clip on Facebook last week. She is presently going through a very difficult time due to her daughter’s illness.. So, this post is being written with the best thoughts and wishes for my cousin’s daughter speedy recovery… I have her family very present in my heart, while sending them positive and healing […]


Hello dear friends and the rest of the Universe, I  AM  ART It really sounds wonderful, magical, and certainly very powerful..,  isn’t it ?? How much do I believe this affirmation?.. We know that it is the believe that makes things happen, isn’t it.. La FE mueve montañas, literally: Faith moves mountains.. Like a lot of […]

Versatile Blog Award – Grateful for being nominated

Hello my wonderful cyber friends and the Universe, Last week it was the first ‘half-term’ break from my son’s school.. We decided to spend the week in Spain visiting the family, but specially ‘abuelita’ (grandmother), who misses my son very much. Everything went well and we are now happily back in London to our daily routines, which I welcome […]


Hello friends and the Universe, “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated” –William James, American philosopher” This week I came acrossed with one of my sketches I draw back in April in my sketch book.. This sketch came about one of those mornings,  (my Friday morning!,  as you know I work the […]

My Potential is Unlimited

Hello friends and the rest of the Universe, Is your potential unlimited?  Of course it is.. “Humanity has only scratched the surface of its real potential.” -Peace Pilgrim Isn’t it just wonderful to know that.. If only we would had been brought up with this believe…mmmmm….  Even in the way we have learnt to think.. Like […]

Love is what I am

Dear Friends and the rest of the Universe, “A loving heart is the begining of all knowledge” – Thomas Carlyle I just wanted to say a quick ‘hello’ and I hope this post works well, as this is my first one using WordPress. Over the weekend I managed a bit of time to learn about […]